Milky's Halum

Milky's Halum

What is Halum?

Milky's Halum is a British Halloumi-style cheese.

How is Halum made?

Produced in Britain, from 100% fresh British cows and goats milk using a traditional family recipe, Halum is hand-folded and sprinkled with dried mint by expert cheese makers to create a gorgeous springy (& squeaky) texture.

Milky's Halum

What is the flavour of Halum?

Halum has a wonderful savoury, saltiness that is completely delicious and very moreish. It contains less salt than traditional Cypriot Halloumi and is suitable for vegetarians. Because of its high melting point, when cooked, Halum goes golden brown on the outside whilst the centre is soft but still firm and springy.

How do you eat Halum?

A versatile cheese, Halum is simple and quick to prepare for a range of dishes. It can be grilled, baked, barbecued, fried or even micro waved and works beautifully with all sorts of delicious ingredients. Enjoy it as a snack, for lunch or supper. The whole family will love it.

Check out our recipe page for inspiration!

Milky's Halum

What People Say About Halum:

'Lovely colour when grilled and the interior texture is good - not too squeaky or rubbery. The flavour is quite mild. This cheese has a great balance of creaminess and salt. A lovely cheese, particularly when grilled.'
Great Taste Awards Judges 2014

Milky's Halum is the most delicious Halloumi I have ever tasted and I can't stop buying it! And it is so nice that it is British produce. Thanks!'
Marilyn Lanson via Milky's Website Contact Page

'Halum browns beautifully and holds its shape, just like Halloumi cheese, except it's not ... it's Halum and it's made right here in the UK! It has a mild salty flavour, with just the merest hint of mint, which makes it the perfect salad cheese as well. I chose to make a warm salad for our lunch today using this cheese and it was just gorgeous. I found Halum to be less salty than the traditional Halloumi cheese, which I really liked. It wasn't over powering in the least, and yet it wasn't bland either. It took on a lovely golden brown colour which looked gorgeous in the salad and added some extra texture.'
Marie, The English Kitchen Blog

'Attractive product. Holds shape well. Good crust when cooked. Well flavoured. Good texture.'
Great Taste Awards 2013 Judges

'Halum is a great product. It's not too salty, like many halloumi's can be. The taste and texture are great. It fries nicely and is delicious when cooled off for leftovers the next day. Halum is a product I would buy regularly especially because it is made from British milk.'
Foodie Blogger Regula Ysewijn aka Miss Foodwise.

'I adore this cheese and always keep a pack or two in the fridge for easy suppers or impromptu guests. It is particularly handy for vegetarian guests. It is absolutely delicious and seriously moreish. I regularly serve it tapas style along with olives, hummus, toasted pitta bread and fresh leafy salads.'
Alice Carter, Nantwich Cheese Show 2013

Milky's Halum